Nele Mennes (Antwerpen, 1982) is a sensitive, wayward and initiative soul combining
aesthetics, knowledge and skill in the right dose.

This musician, singer, theatre performer, director, composer, and lyricist likes stretching
set frameworks; works intuitively and physically; and with what is on the table.

She finished her bachelor studies Musictheatre at Rotterdam Conservatory (NL), studying
singing, acting, dancing and creating on a broad scale. Madelief was her first play in which
she combined all of her talents. Nele was set off to performing in and creating plays. She
moved audiences with her performing close harmony group De Meisjes Loos for 6 years,
assisted MT Hollands Diep/Silbersee at directing and received the first prize from the
Utrechts Kleinkunst Festival for her songs taken from her show Naakt. She challenges
youngsters from all over Europe to play, and tempts herself – and soon the audience –
towards new musical worlds in her soon to be shown Kompás; the show which she’s creating
at this very own moment.

With this experience, Nele Mennes may be entitled A Versatile Artist: a creator, musician
and performer knowing how to express herself on stage and move others. A director
and creator who – through her own experience as an actress and performer
– guides others toward greater playing.